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e-Bulletin is MCDEM’s email newsletter. It’s a way to share regional activities and achievements, highlight case studies and best practice and to advertise recruitment and training opportunities.

Publishing dates

e-Bulletin is published bi-monthly in the first week of the month. Publishing months are; February, April, June, August, October and December.

Stories/content is due in the third week of the preceding month.

Got a story?

e-Bulletin is put together using stories, resources and information submitted by people from across Civil Defence and Emergency Management - staff, volunteers, councils, academics and practitioners. If you would like to be contacted before each issue and asked for stories, get yourself added to the 'Contributors list'. 

If you've got a one off story you can just send it to us.

Please note: e-Bulletin does not publish advertising for or promote any commercial goods or services. Not all submitted articles will be included, articles may be edited or omitted at the discretion of MCDEM.

e-Bulletin provides newsworthy updates about CDEM and related information. It is for people in the CDEM sector and/or those with an interest in CDEM. e-Bulletin shares information, case studies, best practice, research and reports and celebrates successes.  

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e-Bulletin October 2017 e-Bulletin October 2017

Stay Safe, Stay Informed. Emergency Mobile Alert and National Emergency Management Conference 2018.

e-Bulletin September 2017 e-Bulletin September 2017

Emergency Mobile Alerts, Get Ready Week 2017, Recovery and Training.

e-Bulletin April 2017 e-Bulletin April 2017

The Future of Emergency Management: 'making it happen' - National Emergency Management Conference 2017, Our new National Warning System platform is on the way!

e-Bulletin February 2017 e-Bulletin February 2017

Conference 2017, CDEM awards, MCDEM news, Wellington resilience, sector stories and training

e-Bulletin December 2016 e-Bulletin December 2016

Earthquake and tsunami safety campaign, MCDEM updates and sector news

e-Bulletin October 2016 e-Bulletin October 2016

e-bulletin October 2016

e-Bulletin August 2016 e-Bulletin August 2016

e-Bulletin August 2016

e-Bulletin June 2016 e-Bulletin June 2016

e-Bulletin June 2016

e-Bulletin April 2016 e-Bulletin April 2016

e-bulletin April 2016

e-Bulletin February 2016 e-Bulletin February 2016

e-Bulletin February 2016


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